Adam Block


Adam Block is the operator and owner of Print Restaurant and the Press Lounge. Print Restaurant is a seasonally sourced restaurant situated on the Westside of Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen, New York’s first restaurant to staff a full-time forager who tracks ingredients daily from local farms and regional vendors to showcase on the menu. Print Restaurant does more than bring the farm to the restaurant; it brings the best fare available that day, always inspired by the season. The cuisine appeals to locavores, evoking original flavors honed from around the world.  Block’s overall focus for Print Restaurant is to create an experience that not only delivers excellent dishes for diners, but also exposure to local suppliers that support organic and sustainable farming.

As the Principal and Founder of Block & Associates, a firm he founded in 1987, Block has advised some of the most influential restaurants and hotels in the world and has developed and consulted on projects for the likes of Thomas Keller (French Laundry and Per Se) and Alice Waters (Chez Panisse), in locations as diverse as New York, Singapore, Paris and Las Vegas. Block & Associates has been engaged in more than 1,200 food and beverage related projects since its inception offering a wide range of services ranging from feasibility studies to project development.  The New York Times describes Block’s consulting work as that of a star athlete manager, “who can fit talent with golden opportunity, the alchemist who can help chefs make big money.”

Most recently, Block completely revamped the eating areas in Johannesburg’s iconic Sandton Sun hotel.  Similar to Block’s concept for Print Restaurant, Block drew inspiration from South Africa and its resources.  With Block’s vision, he saw that they could create something that focused on local appeal while highlighting South Africa.